10 Ways You Can Feel More Authentically Beautiful

Beauty - Lets talk about it

I want to be beautiful - most people do right? I'm talking nice hair, smooth skin, perfectly shaped eyebrows - you get the gist. Thankfully, I have a husband that tells me I'm beautiful all the time and I have a family that is about the all natural look. I can't imagine what it's like for someone who doesn't have positive support. So there's never been expectations to look a certain way. I know physical beauty is not everything nor do I believe it should be.

But lets keep it real for a min - I don't always feel "beautiful". I've used photo editing apps before to smooth my skin trying to hide my pores, I've whitened my teeth, made my nose or cheeks smaller - things I am self-conscious about. I've done microbladding for my eyebrows that are over-plucked. Do I think these things are wrong? No... unless it doesn't actually make you feel good. Keep reading...

Many people fight to keep a positive self body image. How does social media play into this? Social media can connect, inspire, and motivate people. But it can also lead to comparisons, negative body image, and unattainable realities. Have you ever thought someone else looks better? I have. Does that mean I think social media is bad? No... unless it doesn't actually make you feel good. Keep reading...


As a brand that uses social media and digital pictures to promote beauty we want to make sure you understand our beliefs: We see beauty as more than just looks, it's about wellbeing. 


What does this mean? We think beauty shouldn't be solely defined by cultural trends that determine how you physically look but instead beauty is how you feel on the inside and how you view yourself. So are beauty trends bad? Absolutely not! They can be inspiring, fun, and help lift your mood. So what do we mean then? It's when the desire to look a certain way becomes more important than how it makes you feel. 

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, hair textures, and styles. Beauty is about confidence, your passions, being yourself, being happy. Beauty can be with makeup, without makeup, straight hair, curly hair, skinny, plus size, edgy or conservative - beauty is you being you and wearing it proud. 

 Why do we care? We are bombarded with enough competition and perfectionism - it's time we celebrate authenticity. 


10 Ways You Can Feel More Authentically Beautiful: 

1. Redefine beauty: join us in believing beauty isn't just about looks, it's also about wellbeing. Focus on what makes you feel beautiful and positive.  

2. Use positive self affirmations: Make post-it notes, write them on your phone - keep them handy to repeat when you're feeling discouraged. Our photographer Yanitza Ninett we used for a Florida lifestyle photoshoot said it best in her blog:

"A huge part of my life-changing process has been using the power of I AM in affirmations every morning. Affirmations like I AM BEAUTIFUL have the power to better your self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself." - Yanitza Ninett Other examples: 


3. Follow people that will encourage you: Model Amanda Allen @amandawinkss frequently post about positive self body image and encourages people to feel proud: Go follow her!

"Healthy and beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes! It even comes with stretch marks and cellulite! We should be proud of our bodies and everything they allow us to do in this life. Real is beautiful!" - Amanda Allen, Model, Follow her on IG @amandawinkss

4. Find people that are positive and supportive: ask friends, family, or support groups (look for mental health professionals if needed), to encourage you to be you. Tell them you want to feel beautiful and their positive statements can help. They can say things like: "I love your style" "you are so beautiful" "you look amazing" "those colors are perfect for you"

5. Challenge negative thoughts: when you start worrying what others will think or say, tell yourself: "so what" "so what if they don't like it, what's the worst that will happen?" "so what if they make fun, I will find positive people that support me" When we stop giving other people so much power, we are able to take control over our own feelings. 

6. Unplug if needed: if you find yourself in a dark place, try taking time away from social media to focus on yourself and getting back to a place of positive confidence. 

7. Try new looks: maybe this is a new hairstyle, no makeup, or a new makeup trend. Wear it in a place you feel comfortable and safe. Either at home or with close family and friends. You'll see it's not as scary as you thought. Then go public - it's liberating! 

8. Focus on your strengths: everyone has talents and parts of them they would never change. It's important to not diminish or forget these. Write them down if you need too. 

9. Encourage others: helping others feel great can help us feel great too. Spread more love, tell others what makes them beautiful and be specific. 

10. Define your style: think about what you like, colors you love, clothes you feel great in. It's easy to get wrapped up in what others are doing so when you know your own style, you can wear it proud. 

Let us know what you do to feel authentically beautiful!

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